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On June 9th Anantha Vidyaniketana school had organised an Orientation programme for parents of students from 4th to 10th. Dr. Shailaja Shastri from ‘The Training & Research Initiatives’ conducted the Orientation. The main topic of discussion was ‘Handling Teenage Children’. Dr.Shastri advised the parents to win over the confidence of their children. She stressed on the point that each student should feel free to share their feelings with their parents. She also conducted few activities to the parents & made them understand how teenage problems could be handled in a smart way without hurting the child. 


Dr. Shastri also answered many questions of parents related to stress, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, loneliness & so on. In the end, parents were happy with the Orientation Programme & asked the school authorities to organize such orientations which helps them to understand their children better.




Anantha Vidyaniketana held a formal ceremony to confer authority & responsibilities on the newly elected cabinet members. The occasion commenced with Ganesha Vandana. Principal Sunitha Srivastava administered the oath to the newly-elected cabinet members. They pledged to disburse their duties with integrity and faith. The head Boy, the Head Girl and the captains of the four houses- Vallabhai Patel, Mother Teresa, Rabindranath Tagore & A P J. Kalam shared their aims & aspirations for the academic year. 


Secretary of the School Mr. A. V Kempegowda, Principal Mrs. Sunitha Srivastava, Mr.Kempegowda H.S. were present. Secretary of the school stressed on the importance of upholding the values of the school & keep the motto of the school high. He highlighted on the virtues of leaders. He motivated the students who could not make a place in the cabinet by giving the example of Abraham Lincon




On 4th  December 2017, we observed World AIDS Day. Morning assembly was conducted on the above theme. Kushi of Class IX spoke about causes, symptoms, and preventions of AIDS. An Inter house notice board display competition was held to create awareness among students about AIDS. Various articles like structure of virus & life cycle, list of symptoms, statistical data, prevention techniques and quotations were displayed. We hope it will be an effective step for creating awareness about this dreadful disease.  




Founders’ Day was celebrated at Ananatha Vidyaniketana on 15th November 2017 to commemorate the day.The institution completed a decade of its existance and stepped into 11th year. In the memory of their father Avathi N. Venkategowda, Mr.  A.V. Narayanaswamy, President and Mr. Kempegowda Secretary founded the school in the year 2007, with the aim of providing upgraded education to the rural children of the locality.


Mr. A. V Kempegowda suggested the students to carry forward the thought of their grandparents by spending more time with them to get to know about their lifestyle and carry forward the custom and tradition to the future. 


Mr.A.V.Narayanswamy  suggested the students to be thankful to nature, parents and teachers who cater to the needs of every human being and make them successful. Mrs.Sunitha Srivastava, Principal shared the vision and mission of the school and urged every stakeholder to glorify it. Children enjoyed the folk dance which was performed by the students of music club.


Founders Day



The tricolour flag was hoisted by the chief guest Mr. Sri Venugopal retired Deputy Director Dept. of Horticultur, followed by the march past by the students. The parade created a patriotic spirit among the audience. The songs filled the air and a deep sense of Independence was felt, realizing the sacrifices of great freedom fighters. Based on it, a skit was also performed by the students.  Inspirational speeches were delivered by the chief guest, Secretary and the Principal. The chief guest urged the students and the teachers to contribute the funds to the Army Welfare Fund.

Independence Day




Anantha Vidyaniketana observed International Yoga Day on 21st June’17. Yoga club was also inaugurated on the same day. The programme began with an invocation song followed by a speech on the significance of the day. Associates from Patanjali Yoga Center Dr. Ramachandra, Mr. Ramachandra Reddy, Mr. Laxman Murthy & Dr. Mahesh were present on the occasion. They spoke about importance of yoga and how daily practice of yoga helps to heal many diseases as well as reduces mental and physical stress. Dr. Ramachandra & Dr. Mahesh demonstrated simple “yogasanas” to the students and the students followed them. There was a serene atmosphere created during the whole session. In the end, the students were instructed to practice yogasanas daily to keep a healthy body and to find stress.


Yoga Club



Programme started with a Shloka of AdiShankaracharya along with kirti in Sarswathi Ragam by students of 10th. The chief guests were "vid" Chintalapalli Kishore Kumar , "vid" Vasantha Surendranath, "vid" Nikhil Bharadwaj and senior faculty Mr KempeGowda of Anantha Vidyaniketana were present. The programme was organised by Roopa Raghvendra, Swathi and Nishanka, the members of Music Department. Skits regarding Purandara Dasa, Kanaka Dasa were performed by 6th & 7th students. ‘Paahi Ramachandra' Kirti was presented in Shaankara Barnam Raagamby  8th std students. Solo instruments were played by Mayur (guitar), Yukta N Raj (Mridanga) Raman Rakesh (Tabla) Arrvind N Raj , Thanush Gowda  and Kishan (keyboard). The Chief Guest spoke that  a musician can also be a scientist by referring APJ Abdul Kalam who was a scientist and a veena player. "vid" Vasantha Surendranatha told that every music is the outcome of "Om" which is universal. Children, teachers, coordinators all were immersed and enjoyed the day.

 Music Club



On behalf of Safety & Discipline committee, a workshop was organized on 24th June 2017 at Anantha Vidyaniketana by Mr. Murali a trainer who has 17 years of experience and had conducted around 1950 trainings across Bangalore. He trained the drivers, teachers and students about fire safety, bus evacuation and house safety. He also demonstrated few techniques to carry the wound, injured and unconscious person during causalities.

Safety activity



Students of class 5th and 6th visited Infosys Science Centre, H. Narasimhaiah Govt. high school, Hosur, Gowribidanur taluk on 7th June’17, Wednesday. 


Students were astonished by the creativity exhibited and the way the concepts were explained by the students of the Govt.High school, Hosur. Students were inspired by watching the video of life history of H. Narasimhaiah. They also expressed that there were many takeaways which can be adopted in their life from H. Narasimhaiah’s life history, like education, interest in science and his contributions to the society. His worked towards his famous quote “Do not accept without questioning”.  Vasantha, Archana,Tejaswini, Kalyani, Mehar, ,Girish, Mohan and Pavitra joined the students to give them enriching learning experience. 

Infosys trip 



 Class 9 students had visited IIHR on 28the June’17. They watched an introductory video on research in various fields of Horticulture. Students visited different laboratories of Biotechnology, Plant Pathology, Mushroom Cultivation, Orchidarium and Seed Processing Unit. Children could observe the growth of plants by scientific methods such as grafting, layering, stem cutting, mist farming and Poly Housing. They were extremely enthusiastic to see plants in nursery. It was a great learning experience.




The field trip was organized for the students of class 8 of Anantha Vidyaniketana School.They visited ‘The Spiritual Valley’ on 30th June 2017 and it turned out to be a memorable one as it had spell bounded effect on the students and teachers alike. They observed and learnt  ‘Meditation'. 

At the King’s chamber in Pyramid Valley, the young scholars experienced the positive energy, where cosmic energy is in abundance. 

spiritual valley




No bag day was organized for std 2 students as a part of their project ‘Sharing and Caring’ on 6th July’17. The students took part in sharing and caring activity. They visited an open shelter in Chickaballapur which consists 15-20 underprivileged children. They sang, danced, cut the cake and distributed stationaries. They did colouring activity with only one motto in mind, to share and care.

share & Care



Students of 5th std had ‘No Bag Day’ on 14th July 2017 . The project was “Paper Bag Day” with the theme to create the awareness of harmful effects of using polythene. Children prepared paper bags using chart paper and newspaper under the guidance of their art and craft teachers Mrs. Raajalakshmi. Children watched the video about how the nature is destroyed by the usage of polythene and they presented a talk on the same. Later the paper bags were distributed to the vendors in Devanahalli by spreading the message of harmful effects of using polythene bag to the nature. Ms. Tejaswini, Mr. Girish & Mr. Yashpal accompanied them. At last, they reflected on their learning for the day.

No Paper



Students of AnanthaVidyaniketana attended a workshop on Road Safety and awareness on traffic 13th July 2017 which was combinedly organized by the school management and the traffic control department, Devanahalli in the school premises. It was organized as a part of NO Bag Day/Project for std 4th students. However, all the students attended the workshop. Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Sub Inspector of police, Devanahalli, gave valuable inputs to the students on usage of roads, crossing the road, importance of driving license, wearing helmets and seat belts. He suggested the children to leave home early & seek elder’s advice to cross the road and also to inspire and educate the elders when they do not follow the traffic rules. During the interactive session, he encouraged the students to ask questions & he answered all the queries. He also warned that " Ignorance of law is not an excuse".


 Mr. A.V Narayanswamy, the President, Mr.A.V Kempe Gowda the Secretary  and  Mrs. Sunitha Srivastava Principal were present in the workshop.





A talk on "Diabetes" was organized on 8th August’17 by ' Sonafi' an MNC company.Class IX and X students assembled and discussed causes, effect and remedy for the disease. Dr.Srinivas enlightened the students on food habits, life style, physical exercise and their importance in maintaining diabetic free life. A PPT was shown on the topic. They also gave   a "Diabetic information kit" to the students and teachers.




The children of std 1 had a project on making someone happy. They went to Missionaries of Mother Teresa an Orphanage home for the homeless on 4th July’17. People there enjoyed the day with children dancing with the tune of music. They were happy to receive biscuits and other toiletries. 





Anantha Vidyaniketana in collobration with Isha foundation organised a ‘Rally for Rivers’ on 1st September 2017. The Principal Ms.Sunitha Srivastava gave a brief introduction about the rally, a video on rivers with the message of Sadhguru was shown to the students on this occasion, The President of the school Mr. A.V Narayanaswamy and the Secretary Mr. A.V.Kempegowda gave a green signal to the rally. They spoke about the importance of rivers and why we should save them from getting depleted. Students were given pamphlets to mark the occasion. They were also instructed to give a miss call to the number published in the pamphlet (8000980009) to vote to save the rivers. A painting competition was also conducted on the theme.

rally for river 


In schools, safety is a major concern. Students should be safe and healthy. They must also help others. To help others, they must know safety precautionary measures to be taken when no one is around. Keeping this in view, ‘No bag day’ was organized in Anantha Vidyaniketana School for std VIII. The theme was "First Aid". In this connection, the students presented a skit based on real life situations. It was followed by a song. Next part of the project was to visit a hospital to know more about First Aid. They had been to the New Govt Hospital, Chikkabalapur. First aid information was successfully delivered by Dr. Santhosh Babu. It was worth and informative. Ex. nose bleeding, Snake bite, hurt, bleeding accidents, bone fracture, muscle strain and sprain. The information was lucid and students understood it in a practical way.